The list below shows public safety officer suspensions from November 2013 to present for last names that range from the letters U to Z.

Individuals with more than one suspension are denoted by bullet points below their name for each suspension.


Urdiales, Robert A

Ury, Shawn R
Valdez, Hector
Valdez, Kenneth
Vallejo-Martinez, Josue
Van Kirk, James

Vargas, Duane T
Vargas, Edward

Vargas, Robert Jr.
Vasques, Justin
Vasquez, Rachael
Vega, Joshua
Vidal, Joey
Viera, Amanda
Villanueva, Sergio
Walaski, Mark H

Wang, Phillip Z

Watson, William G
Welch, Jonathan M
Westbrook, Robert
Wilke, Austin T
Williams, Kenneth
Woodard, Eric J
Wooldridge, Jeffrey W
Wyeth, Dallas G
Zavala, Eliseo
Zavala, Paul E
Zimmerman, Daniel E

Zuniga, Humberto

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