Hundreds of students at Texas State University in San Marcos attended a heated student government meeting Monday to call for the resignation of student body President Connor Clegg.

Last week, students shared images and comments Clegg posted on Instagram in 2014.

The post featured hashtags that many students called racist and offensive toward people of Asian descent.

Clegg posted a video apologizing for the comments on Facebook last Thursday, but that did not quell tensions ahead of the meeting.

Students marched through campus before the meeting and many spoke out against Clegg at the podium.

Others commended Clegg for his accomplishments as student body president and said he will learn from his mistakes.

The Austin-American Statesman reported the student government heard from students for more than two hours.

According to the Statesman, Clegg said he would announce within a week whether he would step down.

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Clegg did not address the meeting in length and said he only wanted to listen to students before he publicly apologized again for the comments.

The incident is the latest in racially charged episodes at the campus this year.

On Friday, university President Denise Trauth condemned the "offensive and racist" comments made by Clegg.

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It was the fifth time Trauth has had to address apparent racism at the San Marcos campus this year.

In every incident, Trauth condemned discrimination in all forms and stated that the university is a place of inclusion.