Rob Ferrel makes his living off of taking risks.

"It's always good to push and challenge yourself to do things you won't normally do," he says. "It helped me."

His barber skills and  hair portraits are what make him "original" giving him his name: "Rob the Original."

"I was doing artwork that I wanted of an idea," he said. "I wanted to try a realistic image on somebody's haircut instead of just doing lines and patterns."

Now, Rob's work can be found all across the world. He has been featured on the Queen Latifa Show and he has done work for Jay Leno.

"It's been amazing," he says.

It was the Tony Parker haircut video that made him realize--this is his career.

"I almost gave up," he said. "But we posted that video at midnight and the next morning it was on the front page of Yahoo Sports."

You can find all his work on his social media platforms.