It's that time of the year when people in south Texas are struggling from mountain cedar and oak pollen, and Dirt Free Carpet wants you to breathe again in a dirt-free home!

3 benefits of using Dirt Free Carpet

  1. NO soaps or chemicals are used. ❌

  2. NO soapy residue is left behind in carpets. ❌

  3. NO tap water – only super high-power water steam. ❌

Dirt Free Carpet services

Listed below are some of the services Dirt Free Carpet offers.

Thoede said, "We have an amazing system with no soaps or chemicals."

Promo at Dirt Free Carpet: Right now you can get 3 rooms for $99.95 (normally costs $150). If you make a purchase of tile, grout, leather, drapes, upholstery, you can get a FREE room of carpet cleaning PLUS a $100 speed dry for free.

To schedule an appointment, you can visit or call 210-682-5326.

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