It may not seem like a big deal to Hall of Fame point guard Allen Iverson , but practice for the San Antonio Spurs is very much one when you’ve posted a 15-13 record since the last practice.

When asked if he can remember the last time the team has held a full practice, Spurs shooting guard Danny Green simply shook his head and said, “No I can't.”

Since the last practice, which was held nearly two months ago, on Dec. 11, the Spurs are shooting just below .500 at 45 percent over 28 games.

Within that time frame, the Spurs have tied season lows of 13 points in the first quarter against the Pistons in Detroit on Dec. 30 and recently on Jan. 26 at home versus the Philadelphia 76ers.

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said the 55 days of not practicing has shown in their last few games and their defense has since dissipated.

“We did things today in practice that we’ve not practiced for a couple of months, very honestly,” Popovich said. “So it was fun to have some time today to be able to do a little bit of execution and little muscle memory.”

Averaging 98 points allowed per game in the last 28 games, the Spurs were routed in their previous two home stands -- by the Houston Rockets 102-91 on Thursday, and then 120-111 to the Utah Jazz on Saturday.

Given these last two games, Danny Green said the team is still trying to “find a rhythm, find a chemistry together with (the) different lineups” but believes the team is getting “more comfortable with it.”

Speaking of Rudy Gay and Kawhi Leonard, he said, “We’ll get some guys back … Rudy’s getting healthier (and) obviously Kawhi’s getting healthier so hopefully we’ll get some of those guys soon. But either way, we still have to win some games.”

For Spurs fans who may have assumed the team has been practicing while in reality, it has been holding a series of shootarounds, the difference lies in the preparation.

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“Practices are more detailed and then obviously we get to go on the floor and actually go through some stuff at a decent speed (or) game speed,” Spurs point guard Patty Mills said.

“So, today was obviously defense and how we can do a much better job of that in which we didn’t do at our last game against Utah. These games, you do miss them when you go months without practice, so today was much-needed money in the bank,” he said.

The Spurs (34-21) start their six-game Rodeo road trip when they take on the Phoenix Suns (18-36) on Wednesday.